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Last chance to get Early Bird tickets for the Serverless Architecture Conference!

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A little birdie told me Serverless Architecture Conference tickets are on sale! Are you ready to learn about the most important trends in the field? Don’t miss out on this great offer, only available until July 25, 2019 – buy your tickets now to save up to €304 and get an Arduino Starter Kit or Raspberry Pi!

Is Serverless Architecture Conference in your calendar already? If not, why not? It’s the place to be this October 14-16 in Berlin. Pioneers in the field will gather to present the most interesting and important trends and visions for serverless architecture.

Learn how to master cloud native architectures, the Kubernetes ecosystem and functions. Join Serverless Architecture Conference and gain key knowledge and skills for this new era of computing. Being a software engineer has never been better.

With our Early Bird offer, you can take advantage of group discounts and save up to €304!

Let’s take a look at the details. Serverless Architecture Conference consists of:

  • 4 focused tracks of sessions and keynotes
  • 25+ international speakers and industry experts
  • 2 full-day power workshops

Sounds fun, right? Make sure to get your tickets before the Early Bird offer ends!

Early bird exclusive specials

Arduino Starter Kit or Raspberry Pi: Register for a 3-day ticket and receive an Arduino Starter Kit or Raspberry Pi for free.

2-in-1 conference special: Buy a Serverless Architecture Conference ticket and get free access to the API Conference!

Group discount: Receive an additional 10% discount when registering with 3+ colleagues

Extra specials: Freelancers and employees of scientific institutions benefit from even more individual offers.

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Serverless Architecture Conference program

This year’s conference focuses on 4 different tracks focusing on different aspects of serverless architecture.

  • Serverless & Function as a Service: With Functions as a Service (FaaS) software development changes dramatically. In this track we’ll examine serverless platforms, tools and frameworks, as well as the technology itself.
  • Kubernetes, Knative & Co.: Containers provide a foundation for modern cloud native systems. Developers and Architects seeking for highly automated deployment will learn in this track how to benefit from Kubernetes, Knative & Co.
  • Service Mesh & Microservices: With Microservices getting more and more complex, a service mesh becomes indispensable. It makes sure that the communication between services is stable, fast and safe. In this track, you will learn how to implement a service mesh into your cloud native application and leverage the advantages of tools like Istio or Linkerd.
  • Managed Services, Backend as a Service: Managed services can boost your productivity beyond all measure. In this track you will learn how to make use of them and how you can integrate them into your own cloud native systems.

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Cool sessions you should check out!

Building Resilient Serverless Systems with “Non-Serverless” Components – Jeremy Daly

Serverless functions (like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions) have the ability to scale almost infinitely to handle massive workload spikes. While this is a great solution for compute, it can be a MAJOR PROBLEM for other downstream resources like RDBMS, third-party APIs, legacy systems, and even most managed services hosted by your cloud provider.

Whether you’re maxing out database connections, exceeding API quotas, or simply flooding a system with too many requests at once, serverless functions can DDoS your components and potentially take down your application. In this talk, we’ll discuss strategies and architectural patterns to create highly resilient serverless applications that can mitigate and alleviate pressure on “non-serverless” downstream systems during peak load times.

Modern event-driven workloads with Knative – Matthias Wessendorf

Knative is a Kubernetes-based platform that comes with a set of building blocks to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads. Knative consists of three major areas: Build, Serving and Eventing. The session gives you an introduction of the Knative Eventing component and walks you through an end-to-end demo, showing the lifecycle of event-driven workloads on Knative.

You’ll see integration of 3rd party events, from systems like Apache Kafka, and how your application can be hooked up to a firehose and connect your service to process incoming events, leveraging built-in Knative features to provide request driven compute, so that services can autoscale, including down to 0, depending on the actual throughput. If you are interested in learning about event-driven serverless developer experience on Kubernetes, this session is for you!

Pragmatic Serverless Microservices with Azure Functions & Co. – Christian Weyer

Why does it have to be Serverless versus Microservices? Couldn’t it be rather Microservices with Serverless? Based on some of the well-accepted principles of Microservices we can use Serverless architectures and technologies to build highly focused Microservices – which we might call Nanoservices.

Christian Weyer will show you a pragmatic approach how to build Nanoservices in Azure with Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage & friends. Join him to see Serverless Azure in action, with .NET Core, JavaScript and Java – beyond the typical Functions-as-a-Service examples.

We can’t wait to see you in Berlin!

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