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Early Access Release for ShrinkWrap 1.0.0

Jessica Thornsby

Shrinkwrap 1.0.0-alpha-10 is now available.

Shrinkwrap aims to provide a mechanism for assembling archives like JARs, WARs, and EARs. With Shrinkwrap, developers have options including deploying directly into a supported integration container, such as GlassFish v3 Embedded, Jetty, or OpenEJB, exporting the archive to a file or exploded directory structure, or serialising said archive over the network to a remote host. ShrinkWrap is also the supported deployment mechanism of the Arquillian project.

This is an early-access release which aims to showcase new features and solicit community feedback. New with this preview, are a ShrinkWrapDeployer for VDF, shortcuts to create Archives from ZIP Files and ‘EmptyAsset’ and ‘StringAsset’ options


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