e4 Evangelism Continues To Grow


A few weeks ago, JAXenter reported that Ian Skerrett had created an e4 Evangelism page for the forthcoming next generation of the Eclipse platform.

Since then, the infant ‘e4 Evangelism’ wiki page has grown into a clear plan of action for endearing e4 to the community. The crux of this plan is delivering a clear, coherent message that Eclipse e4 is easier to develop and easier to assemble. The first part of this message, will involve delivering simplied APIs for accessing application services; providing declarative and visual definition of user interfaces; and support for web UI components in the Eclipse platform. The ‘easier to assemble’ message will be delivered through a skinnable UI; an OpenSocial Gadget container; service-oriented programming model and tools for application assembly.

There are also plans for the Eclipse Foundation, with support from the e4 Evangelist community, to create a user portal for new e4 users. The wiki suggests this portal should include resources such as examples and demos, an e4-related blog feed, support forum links and migration documents. There is currently a section on the wiki for Evangelists to upload e4-related content, in the hope of sparking collaboration on new content in addition to providing a useful catalogue of the e4-related material currently available.

Despite shaping up into a useful platform for all things e4, the wiki still poses two key questions the community needs to address:

How do people migrate to e4?

What is in e4 for a Java EE and Web developer that might not be building Eclipse-based applications? e4 Evangelism wiki.

The e4 Evangelism page can be accessed at the project wiki.

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