e4 1.0 and Eclipse 4.0 SDK Part Ways

Jessica Thornsby

e4-related components graduate out of incubator and into SDK.

The recently-released Eclipse 4.0 Milestone 6 marks some big changes in the e4 camp.

Graduating components have been removed from the project-previously-known-as-e4-1.0 and merged with the current Eclipse platform, to create the Eclipse 4.0 SDK. Importantly, this release is no longer classed as ‘e4,’ as it contains components which exist outside of the e4 project. These include PHP Development Tools, Equinox, and Eclipse Communication Framework. The SDK does not depend on any incubating e4 components, another factor which defines it as a ‘non-e4’ release.

“It is time to switch emphasis from incubating e4 work to focus on graduating, polishing, and delivering this Eclipse 4.0 SDK,” said John Arthorne when the split was originally announced. The SDK is scheduled for a July release.

The non-graduating components will remain in the incubator, and will be periodically assessed for graduation.

Eclipse 4.0 Milestone 6 (minus graduated components) introduces some new features. XWT now supports null layout and XWT UI resources are loaded directly to create runtime SWT UI controls by default. Children can also be created via context menu in the Hierarchical Outline view and Visual Design view.

Please see the New & Noteworthy for more information on the new features.

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