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“NodeJS is a great ‘window’ for front-end developers to the ‘world of back-end”

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Did you miss Dmytro Zharkov talk at International JavaScript Conference in London? Here is a small interview to give you a taste of what went on during his session.

JAXenter: In the abstract of your session, you describe Node.js as a “great ‘window’ for front-end developers to the ‘world of back-end”. Can you tell us what you mean by that?

Dmytro Zharkov: Why NodeJS could be a ‘window’ for front-end developers to the ‘world of back-end’? Well, it allows creating end to end applications using very familiar for front-end developers language – JavaScript.

This means that with JS knowledge only and a bit of reading Node documentation it’s possible to create a RESTful service for a single page application or a fully fledged website with user authentication and storing all its data in the database. By building those services and websites, FE developers are getting familiar with new (to them) concepts like database, sessions, REST etc. This learning and exploring opportunity improves their understanding not only of how back-end works but of web applications architecture in general.

JAXenter: You also stated there that back-end developers just don’t like JavaScript. Why is that?

Dmytro Zharkov: JS is a great programming language and it’s very popular, however, it’s very different from other languages. It’s dynamically typed, for long it hasn’t had a proper object-oriented model; even now it’s far from ideal. For developers who come from languages like Java or C#, missing all and other features can be painful.

JAXenter: How can TypeScript help with the issues mentioned before?

Dmytro Zharkov: TypeScript as a superset of JavaScript brings strong typing system and all of greatest OOP principles, proper using of which can significantly improve code quality.

JAXenter: How can the combination of TypeScript and Nodejs help with building better APIs and what kind of project would you do that with?

Dmytro Zharkov: The most valuable advantage of TS and NodeJS combinations over regular NodeJS and JavaScript is better code, that’s why I mentioned all those things in the previously. I will also suggest a  sample project during the presentation to take the most of this combination, this will be fully working CRUD service. The example will be on my GitHub opened for everyone to try.

As for the projects to use in – I would take RESTful APIs, back-end part of MEAN or MERN stack projects (Mongo, Express, Angular or React, NodeJS)

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JAXenter: What do you hope attendees got out of your talk?

Dmytro Zharkov: During my talk, I went through TypeScript features like types, interfaces, classes, abstract classes and others to see how they can be used together with NodeJS on a small example project.

Thank you very much!

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Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez
3 years ago

Well, Said by Ann-Cathrin Klose, I totally agree with you NodeJs is really a great platform for front-end developers to the world of the back-end.

Not only NodeJs is important in Javascript. ReactJs also plays an important for developers to develop some code lines. you should also add about ReactJs in this article.