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Drupal 7 and Gaelyk 0.6 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new preview for Android Development Tools.

Gaelyk Gets Groovy, Eclipse and Gradle Additions!

Gaelyk version 0.6 has been announced. This release updates to GAE SDK version 1.4.0 and Groovy 1.7.6, and adds initial support for the asynchronous datastore. A Gradle build script for building Gaelyk has been introduced and initial Eclipse project files have been added to the template project. There are also some bug fixes and typo corrections.

Bug Fixes for Maven 3.0.2

Maven version 3.0.2 has been released. Platform scripts can now avoid loading mavenrc content and a warning is issued when a system-scope dependency refers to the project basedir. There have also been some Javadoc improvements to DefaultSettingsWriter/Reader. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

New Preview for Android Development Tools

Android Development Tools (ADT) 9.0.0 preview 3 can be downloaded now. ADT is an Eclipse plugin that aims to provide an integrated environment for building Android apps, by extending Eclipse to support creating application UIs and adding components based on the Android Framework API. In this preview the outline displays additional information for each view, including textual views and views with a source. There have also been improvements to the SDK manager.

Akka 1.0 RC 3 With Refactored Remote-API

The third RC of Akka 1.0 has been announced with a refactored Remote-API. This release also gets a new autostart attribute for Spring actor configuration, a testing framework for testing Actors, and improved Java Actor and Scala Actor APIs. Authentication with MongoDB Persistence is now supported, alongside Replica Set/Replica Pair connection modes with MongoDB Persistence.

Drupal 7 – Out Now!

The Drupal team have announced the release of Drupal 7. This latest milestone for the content management platform features a revamped administrative interface, a new automated testing framework with over 30,000 built-in tests and a new database layer that supports SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. There is also a new RDF module that provides semantic web markup.

2010 – Year of the App!

Cloud and BI may have been at the centre of the obligatory end-of-year predictions for 2011, but according to the American Dialect Society, in 2010 we weren’t talking about either cloud or BI, quite as much as we were talking about apps. The American Dialect Society has named ‘app’ their ‘Word of the Year’ for 2010.

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