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Draft Specification for Prawn 1.0

Jessica Thornsby

Gregory Brown has published a draft specification for Prawn version 1.0.

The specification reveals that the Prawn team are planning on Prawn moving in the direction of a hackable platform for document generation, as oppose to just a library. They envision Prawn as a system for handling the most common needs of document generation.

Prawn 1.0 will feature an extensible API for adding to and altering Prawn’s core functionality. Also planned, is the removal of high level features that are rarely used, or judged to be poorly implemented, and the addition of high level features that are essential for the basics of document generation.

The team are planning to have an initial 1.0 defect and feature list lined up in the github tracker by May 1st, a release of Prawn 1.0 is currently scheduled for June 1st. The full specification (PDF) can be viewed at the Google Groups website.