JAX 2015 keynote

Domain-driven Design and microservices

Coman Hamilton
A slide from Eric Evans' keynote at the JAX 2015

Eric Evans, author of the IT bestseller “Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software”, had some interesting things to say about why microservices and DDD are made for each other.

At last, some boundaries!

Microservices are associated with extreme isolation (for example, no shared database, autonomous dev-ops teams, and so on). At its best, this creates a practical boundary within which modeling and design have a chance to thrive. In Domain-driven Design (DDD) we call this a “Bounded Context”.

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In his keynote at the JAX 2015 conference in Mainz, Germany, DDD author Eric Evans explains that bounded contexts take many forms, some leakier than others, and the current best practices of microservices have given us perhaps the strongest mainstream manifestation of this principle to date.

Coman Hamilton
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