DevOpsCon 2017

Top tips to keep Docker running securely in production

JAXenter Editorial Team
Gianluca Arbezzano

Security is one of the core issues when creating a production environment. Particularly when using the Docker ecosystem in general and Docker Swarm in particular, the question arises of how to secure the development process. In his session at the DevOpsCon 2017 in Berlin, Gianluca Arbezzano, software engineer at InfluxData, gives important tips on setting up a production environment, immutability, and security concepts for dockers.

Safety first! In his session at DevOpsCon 2017 in Berlin, Gianluca Arbezzano explores some important tips on how to set up a secure production environment. He also goes over how to create a static analysis of your own docker images, how to set up container clusters with VPN, and node labeling at the best known cloud providers. The most important features of Docker itself and open source alternatives such as Notary, centos/clair and Cilium will be shown.

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Gianluca Arbezzano is a Software Engineer working for InfluxData. The main way to improve and grow is to share what you do to catch feedback to expand my points of view. I am an enthusiast open source contributor and maintainer of different projects in different languages. DevOps evangelist and Docker Captain I am happy to make my environment efficient and secure for me and my team. Follow him on Twitter @GianArb.

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