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Docker readies its containers for enterprise application

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Containers in the enterprise was the big topic at this year’s DockerCon Europe in Barcelona. Shortly after Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduced its new Docker-centred solution portfolio, Docker has announced a new on-premise offering, Docker Universal Control Plane.

Last week was a interesting one for Dockerphiles. Perhaps most interesting change to emerge from the DockerCon in Barcelona was the Docker Universal Control Plane, which lets users deploy and manage dockerised distributed applications in production and in any infrastructure.

The development of the tool is said to have followed three principles made known in the official announcement: it must be suitable for enterprise use, as easy to use as possible and also meet the needs and requirements of development and operation teams alike.

It’s hoped that this tool, which is currently still in public beta, will deliver ease of use will by combining usage of (parts of) Swarm, Docker Engine, libnetwork, volume and network plugins, Trusted Registry and Compose.

Furthermore Docker Universal Control Plane aims to provide IT operations with more comprehensive means of control, without compromising the productivity of a developer: While IT operations get more central control over computing, network and storage resources to run dockerised applications on any infrastructure, developers themselves will get self-service functions for the deployment and management of applications.

Docker Universal Control Plane will run in on-premise enterprise datacentres, but potentially will also support public cloud environments, as well as in both physical and virtual machines.

Docker subscription for AWS

Along plenty of other news, like dockercraft becoming open source, the Docker package “Docker Subscription for AWS” is now available in the European regions where Amazon cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). That means European users can rent Docker straight from the AWS Marketplace.

HPE also timed their latest Docker announcement with last week’s conference, announcing a new container-solution portfolio. One part of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise range is the HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0, a PaaS offering for hybrid clouds, which comes with Docker support. Allowing the user to deploy microservices, this platform also contains the Helion Code Engine, which brings with it a continuous integration and continuous deployment service for the automation of code workflows.

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