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Docker partners up with VMware

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Docker, the lightweight alternative to virtual machines, is to integrate more smoothly with VMware’s line of products

Big news broke at the VMworld conference this week – Docker (the open platform for developers and sysadmins to build ship and run distributed applications) is to enter into a partnership with VMware. The collaboration is thought to be be mutually beneficial for both parties as they continue the search to find new solutions for their large consumer base.

From zero to hero

In their first year of existence, Docker surpassed all startups in the early adopters round, something its competitors in virtual machine tech were not too happy about (especially when they were selected for a prestigious JAX Innovation Award earlier this year). Word of their success spread quickly and after only twelve months, Docker was able to announce the following impressive statistics:

  • 13 million downloads of the Docker engine

  • 30,000 Docker Apps hosted on the Docker Hub

  • 570 contributors

Enterprise IT is the big player in this scenario. These organisations place more worth on their infrastructure and this is where the VMware and Docker collaboration can help. The two companies already share the same users, as the Docker blog has commented: 

Not surprisingly, Docker’s enterprise IT customers have been making significant investments in VMware infrastructure for years across their application lifecycle environments, from developer laptops to QA servers to production data centers. Through this partnership, now they can realize the agility and choice benefits of Docker on top of the VMware infrastructure they know and trust.“

Seamless interoperability

The Docker Engine and VMware partnership is made up of three main points.

  • Firstly the Docker Engine will run seamlessly on developer workstations that use VMware Fusion, on data center servers with VMware vSphere and vCloud Air.

  • Secondly, there will also be collaborations with Docker open-source software libcontainer and libswarm. Considering all the manpower behind VMware, Docker can only serve to make a profit.

  • Finally, there will be an interoperability between the Docker Hub and the management tools from VMware to facilitate the work of sysadmins and developers.

Apart from these main points, Docker will also profit from the scope of its new partners business. VMware will promote the container project through its large marketing and advertising routes which will place Docker at the heart of its customer interaction. This is, however, a favour that will also be repaid by Docker.  

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