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Docker Hub update: A unified platform for finding, storing & sharing container images

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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The Docker team announced the updated version of the Docker Hub that now includes Docker Store and Docker Cloud, offering a unified platform for finding, storing and sharing container images. Let’s have a closer look.

Docker news coming our way with the introduction of the new Docker Hub which now incorporates Docker Store and Docker Cloud and aims to provide “a single experience for finding, storing and sharing container images.”

This update is designed to bring together all the features that different kinds of users know and appreciate most while addressing known Docker Hub requests around ease of use, repository and team management.

Let’s have a quick look at the all the updates and improvements featured in the new Docker Hub.

The features list

Repositories – Pagination added to repository tags repository filtering when logged in on the Docker Hub home page is improved. You can also view recently pushed tags and automated builds on your repository page.

Organizations and teams – The organization owner can see team permissions across all of your repositories at a glance and existing Docker Hub users to a team via their email (if you don’t remember their of Docker ID).

New automated builds – You can speed up builds using Build Caching, add environment variables and run tests in your builds as well as add automated builds to existing repositories. You should keep in mind that organizations, GitHub & BitBucket account credentials will need to be re-linked to your organization to leverage the new automated builds. Existing Automated Builds will be migrated to this new system over the next few months. Learn more about this here.

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Improved container image search – Filter by Official, Verified Publisher and Certified images, guaranteeing a level of quality in the Docker images listed by your search query. You can also filter by categories to quickly drill down to the type of image you’re looking for. Keep in mind that Existing URLs will continue to work, and you’ll automatically be redirected where appropriate. No need to update any bookmarks.

Verified publisher images and plugins – Now available on Docker Hub. Similar to Official Images, these images have been vetted by Docker. While Docker maintains the Official Images library, Verified Publisher and Certified Images are provided by third-party software vendors.

Certified images and plugins – Now available on Docker Hub. Certified Images are a special category of Verified Publisher images that pass additional Docker quality, best practice, and support requirements. Check out the full list here.

You can check out the official blog post for more information on these updates.

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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