It supports multi-Linux and Windows, multi-cloud and orchestration choice

Docker EE 2.0 is here: No lock-in, more security

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Docker EE

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Docker EE 2.0 is here! It aims to give users flexibility and choice over the types of applications supported, orchestrators used, and where it’s deployed. Let’s have a look at some of the key new capabilities of Docker EE 2.0.

Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 is here — it promises to gives users flexibility and choice over the types of applications supported, orchestrators used, and where it’s deployed. Furthermore, organizations can operationalize Kubernetes more rapidly with streamlined workflows. Let’s have a look at the highlights.

Docker EE 2.0 overview

Afraid of the big bad lock-in? No need! Docker EE expands their clients’ choices in the following ways:

  • Multi-Linux, Multi-OS, Multi-Cloud – Docker EE is certified across multiple Linux distributions, Windows Server, and multiple public clouds, thus enabling you to support the broadest set of applications to be containerized and freedom to deploy it wherever you need.
  • Choice of Swarm or Kubernetes – Both orchestrators operate interchangeably in the same cluster, which means that IT can build an environment that allows developers to choose how they want to have applications deployed at runtime. Teams can deploy applications to Swarm today and migrate these same applications to Kubernetes using the same Compose file. Applications deployed by either orchestrator can be managed through the same control plane, allowing you to scale more efficiently. The key benefits of interchangeable orchestrators are that developers no longer have to worry about orchestration and they can change orchestrators as their needs evolve.

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Since Docker is famously known for democratizing containers for developers everywhere, it’s only natural that Docker EE focuses on making the management of a container environment very intuitive and easy for infrastructure and operations teams. What 2.0 offers is simplified workflows for the daily management of a Kubernetes environment, as well as access to native Kubernetes APIs, CLIs, and interfaces.

Furthermore, Docker EE 2.0 delivers a policy-based secure supply chain designed to give you governance and oversight over the entire container lifecycle without slowing you down.

In  short, Docker EE gives clients:

  • Choice: Hybrid and multi-clouds; Windows & Linux; traditional apps and microservices; DevOps and existing ops processes
  • Agility: Unified operations; rapid delivery and response; cost efficiency
  • Security: Safer apps; governance; chain of custody; threat mitigation

Find the complete list of Docker EE 2.0 highlights here

Download Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Docker Desktop for Mac and Windows now.


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