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In Silicon Valley, Engineers Deploy-and-Tell: Stories About Dockerizing an Application

JAXenter Editorial Team

Docker is a hard beast to tame, so it’s essential that you know the basics inside out. At DevOpsCon, Gabriella Querales gave a talk about Docker components and how they work, and what to do if they don’t. In Silicon Valley, engineers deploy-and-tell, so sit a while and listen.

When she worked with a Silicon Valley-based company that ran a containerized application monitoring pilot, Gabriella Querales encountered a big bunch of challenges – come and learn how she solved them! The tech stack includes AWS ECS, Docker, Java, .NET, and Node.js. In this video of her DevOps Conference session earlier this year, she conducts a live demo using a containerized app in the cloud, in which you will learn a methodology for debugging app performance problems.

After watching this session you’ll have a clear understanding of the fundamental Docker components and how they work, know what you have to do if a container refuses to do so and you will even understand how to get all your containers in that ECS cluster up and running. We will also give you advice on how to shorten the feedback loop when adding containers to your CI/CD pipeline.


dockerGabriella Querales is a Sales Engineer, evangelist and all-around APM guru who is passionate about helping customers solve complex technological problems that impact business. She considers herself both blessed and lucky to love what she does every day. Gabriella holds a Computer Science degree and has over 10 years of experience in the Silicon Valley technology landscape. She lives in Venice Beach, California.

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