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Moby Project — The “Lego Club” of Docker containers

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Moby Project
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Docker’s new open-source project brings containers to the masses. The extremely customizable Moby Project is meant to help make containers mainstream.

DockerCon continues apace and the news from yesterday’s general session is downright game-changing. The Moby Project is a new open-source projected intended to allow for a greater level of collaboration and advance the software containerization movement.

The Moby Project is billed as an open framework that makes it easier to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel. Specifically, Moby was constructed and designed for system builders who are aiming to build their own container-based systems. However, Moby is not intended for business or enterprises looking for a ready-to-use, commercially supported container platform or beginners who want to learn more about containers, both of whom should head over to Docker for more information.

The “Lego Club”

Moby is meant for playing around. This new open source is used by Docker as an open R&D lab. It’s Candyland for system builders with dozens of components and a framework for assembling them into custom containers. System builders can choose from the extensive library of containerized backend components. Of course, they can also use their own components to mix and match for a personalized, custom container experience.

This open source environment makes it easy for system builders to play around and build what they want, making Moby the “Lego Club” of Docker containers. According to the press release, Moby is comprised of:

  •  A library of containerized backend components like a low-level builder, logging facility, volume management, networking, image management, containerd, SwarmKit, etc.
  • A framework for assembling the components into a standalone container platform, and tooling to build, test and deploy artifacts for these assemblies.
  •  A reference assembly, called Moby Origin, which is the open base for the Docker container platform, as well as examples of container systems using various components from the Moby library or from other projects.
  •  Moby runs containerd as the default container runtime


Docker is committed to working with the Moby Project. They have announced that they will use it to experiment and develop new components for the future of container technology. This new community will serve as the base for all of Docker’s future open source collaboration.

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Moby is designed to be an open source project.  Consequently, it will develop as the community comes together and creates their own norms and practices. However, there are a few underlying principles. In short, Moby is designed for customized uses with its modular architecture. Most components can be swapped out for a wholly individual use. Moby is dedicated to usable security with secure defaults. Of course, Moby is built with containers for running containers.

The Moby Project is Docker’s attempt to help bring software containers into the mainstream of technology. Basically, everything is better with containers and Moby is bringing containers to the masses.


So, head on over to the Moby Project to find out more about this exciting new stage in containers!

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