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Adrian Colyer has announced the release of version 2.0 of dm on the SpringSource team blog. dm is SpringSource’s open source, Java application server based on the OSGi framework.

2.0 features a brand new Shell, which allows the developer to install, examine, and manage the lifecycle of artifacts such as PARs, bundles and configuration artifacts. The dm Shell can be run locally or remotely by using the ssh network protocol. dm Server is embedded with the Tomcat-based reference implementation for the OSGi Web Container Specification, and the reference implementation of OSGi 4.2, Equinox 3.5. It packages Spring 3.0 final.

In addition to releasing 2.0 for download, Coyler also revealed that SpringSource have submitted a proposal at to develop the server under the Eclipse Runtime Project. The project proposed is ‘Dynamic Enterprise Application Platform,’ nicknamed ‘Virgo.’  This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase and developers are asking for feedback from the Eclipse community, via the Virgo Eclipse Forum.

If the proposal is successful, the follow-on release of dm Server 2.0 will be developed and released from Home pages, forums and downloads will also be moved to, and the license will change to the Eclipse Public License (EPL). Currently, the dm Server is an open source project released under the GPL, with some parts of the code base licensed under the Apache License, version 2.

Virgo proposes to provide a runtime platform for the development of server-side applications, with the Gemini Web Container and Blueprint Service projects pre-integrated and the Equinox runtime embedded in its distribution. Virgo will have additional links to the existing Eclipse projects RCP, RAP, Jetty, ECF, P2 and Swordfish.

The existing dm Server tools project at proposes to contribute relevant developer tools for Virgo to the existing Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) and Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) projects. These tools include integrated shell support, a Bundle Classpath Container and integrated provisioning for Virgo repository management.

Initially, the Virgo team is aiming to get the IP code contributions approved, and the dm Server 2.0 projects provisioned on infrastructure. Provisional plans include a 2.0.1 service release in the first quarter of 2010, and a 2.1 release alongside the 2010 Eclipse release train, with a vision for the Virgo project to become a formal part of the Eclipse release train in 2011.

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