Wanova Mirage 1.3

Distributed Desktop Visualisation With Wanova Mirage

Jessica Thornsby

Wanova, Inc. have announced the general availability of Wanova Mirage.

Wanova Mirage is a Distributed Desktop Virtualization solution that centralises desktop contents in the data centre for management and protection purposes. It also distributes the execution of desktop workloads to endpoint caches, and supports single image management with user personalisation.

Wanova Mirage compromises of a Mirage Client which installs onto the base operating system of the endpoint; a Mirage Server; and Wanova’s Distributed Desktop Optimization that streams the desktop to a remote endpoint and aims to optimise the bi-directional transfer of data between the endpoint cache and server. 

Wanova Mirage 1.3 is available through Wanova. Pricing starts at $210 per endpoint.

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