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[email protected] webinar live today at 13:00 CET – The Quest for the Fastest Deployment Time

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Our new webinar series [email protected] brings IT experts into your (home) office. In today’s webinar, L Körbes will show us how to speed up deployment time with the aim of getting the process so slick that it takes just 1 second! Even if 1 second seems like a pipe dream, L is sure to have some suggestions that could help you accelerate your “from code change to process running” benchmark faster.

We’re in the midst of a pandemic, and more and more developers are working in isolated environments or from home. With our webinar series [email protected] we want to counteract this social distance by bringing developers stuck in their homes together with tech talks – by professionals for professionals!

Tuesday, April 7, 13:00 CET – The Quest for the Fastest Deployment Time

Webinar with L Körbes

When a developer changes a line of code, how long does it take for that code to run in their development cluster? L Körbes, an expert in Kubernetes development tooling, has seen the answers to that question vary between 1 second and… infinity. So how do you get your team’s code to stay on the 1 second side? In this talk, L will explore every avenue to make our “from code change to process running” benchmark faster, and show you whether to…
  • …cache your deps with Docker layers or go mod,
  • remove debugging data to make Go binaries smaller,
  • pre-populate your container with the compiler cache,
  • keep a container running, sync code diffs to it, and recompile in place,
  • re-compile in place when you have a lot of memory and CPU,
  • re-compile when a lack of memory and CPU make the Go compiler sad,
  • use trickery to make binaries even smaller,
  • or, one last trick… how each of these differ when using a local cluster versus a remote one.
Expect an in-depth exploration with strategies and techniques you can put in practice to speed up your workflow for good!

The webinar will take place on the platform and is freely open to all. Join us by clicking the following link:

[email protected] live session – The Quest for the Fastest Deployment Time

The speaker

L Körbes does developer relations at Tilt. Having worked at both Garden and Tilt—two of the very few companies 100% focused on the development experience side of Kubernetes—L is immersed in developer-facing issues, and constantly working to solve them. They first got acquainted with Kubernetes while writing code for kubectl, in a SIG CLI internship. They’ve spoken about Kubernetes and Go at world-famous events, and at countless local meet-ups. L is a proud recipient of a ‘Best Hair’ award.

[email protected]

Due to the coronavirus, social events all over the world have been restricted and office work has largely shifted to the home.

So if the majority of us are now spending time working from home, it just makes sense that we should want to network more closely. Several IT experts who are usually to be found at one of our conferences were enthusiastic about the idea of holding their talks from home and sharing them with others in their homes via live stream.

Tech talks from your desk

[email protected] aims to provide live talks twice a week on topics like Java, TypeScript, DevOps, microservices, machine learning, etc. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the experts.

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