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[email protected] – Live Webinar – May 14, 13:00 CEST: 7 JVM Arguments of Highly Effective Applications

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Our webinar series [email protected] brings IT experts into your (home) office. On Thursday, May 14th at 13:00 CEST, Ram Lakshmanan will be putting 7 JVM arguments (out of over 1,000 in total) into the spotlight and showing us how they can be useful when coding our applications.

We’re in the midst of a pandemic, and more and more developers are working in isolated environments or from home. With our webinar series [email protected] we want to counteract this social distance by bringing developers stuck in their homes together with tech talks – by professionals for professionals!

Thursday, May 14, 13:00 CEST – 7 JVM Arguments of Highly Effective Applications

Webinar with Ram Lakshmanan

7 JVM Arguments of Highly Effective Applications
As of 2020, 600+ JVM arguments can be configured just around Garbage collection and memory settings. Total JVM arguments count will be well over 1000+. It’s too many arguments for anyone to digest and comprehend. In this talk, I will be highlighting 7 important JVM arguments that you may find useful.
The webinar will take place on the BigMarker webinar platform and is freely open to all. Join us by clicking the following link:

[email protected] live session – 7 JVM Arguments of Highly Effective Applications

The speaker

Every single day, millions & millions of people in North America—bank, travel, and commerce—use the applications that Ram Lakshmanan has architected. Ram is an acclaimed speaker in major conferences on scalability, availability, and performance topics. Recently, he has founded a startup, which specializes in troubleshooting performance problems.

[email protected]

Due to the coronavirus, social events all over the world have been restricted and office work has largely shifted to the home.

So if the majority of us are now spending time working from home, it just makes sense that we should want to network more closely. Several IT experts who are usually to be found at one of our conferences were enthusiastic about the idea of holding their talks from home and sharing them with others in their homes via live stream.

Tech talks from your desk

[email protected] aims to provide live talks twice a week on topics like Java, TypeScript, DevOps, microservices, machine learning, etc. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the experts.

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