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How practical is “DevSecOps” really? – A field report

JAXenter Editorial Team

DevSecOps isn’t always about success. Senior IT Security Consultant at mgm security partners, Maximiliane Zirm shares the successes, mistakes, and lessons learned in the area of DevSecOps during a large project What’s the verdict: Just how practical is DevSecOps? Find out in this field report from DevOpsCon.

The modern concept of DevSecOps combines the principles of DevOps (improving quality and, above all, speeding up delivery) with application security. But does this also work in practice? In this talk, Maximiliane Zirm shares many years of experience from a large, highly agile project.
We show our successes, but also our mistakes in the area of DevSecOps. These lessons learned help those responsible to recognize problems early and to prevent them with the help of best practices.


devsecopsMaximiliane Zirm works as a senior IT Security Consultant at mgm security partners and is the head of the penetration testing team. In addition, she is active as a consultant in various software projects, holds trainings for software developers in the area of Web Application Security Best Practices and conducts security analyses for Web and Mobile applications.

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