Docker is a game changer to build, ship and run software

Rethink your IoT strategy with Docker

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Docker made waves this year announcing their IoT compatibility. In this post, we have a video of Peter Rossbach’s fascinating talk about how to rethink your IoT strategy with Docker.

“Rethink IT is the topic of DevOpsCon,” said Peter Rossbach of bee42 solutions. “What we learned in the Dockerspace is to rethink all. That means all. And what we did in the last two years in the cloud, in the development space is amazing.”

“What we see now is that all these IoT stuff in the last three years generate rumors, shaping a lot of devices in the world and what we can do to these devices in the Dockerspace. I want to tell you all the story of how we now can. It’s very amazing and so beautiful that now we can do the same thing that we can do in the cloud for IoT devices,” said Rossbach.

“That’s the news from this year and it’s opened a big universe. These hundred million cloud computers are big. But the billions of IoT devices that we can shape in the next two or three years are more.” He went on to say, “it’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful.”

Docker is a game changer to build, ship and run software. At this year Container also official available on IoT devices. Step into a new dimension when using Docker on low-powered ARM devices which breaks all limits and discover and resolve bottlenecks easily before they hit you in production. Scale down to the bare minimum, speed it up and get ready for a truly massive scale. Let’s start using Docker in your complete software stack to interconnect the Cloud and the future with Billions of IoT devices.

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