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Livestream keynotes from DevOpsCon 2018!

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Good news! You don’t have to brave the Autobahn to see the DevOpsCon keynotes. Watch them from the comfort of your own home as they stream on YouTube and mark your schedule for other keynotes from cutting-edge professionals.

DevOpsCon 2018 is kicking off and the attendees are in for over 60 sessions and keynotes as well as two days packed with valuable workshops all about DevOps. Agile processes, microservices, continuous delivery, container and cloud technologies are essential to the current high performance IT transformation are just some of the subjects that will be delved into.

DevOpsCon offers you a glimpse at popular topics such as innovative infrastructure and modern lean business culture through hands-on workshops, sessions, and keynotes. Join us as we enable shorter delivery cycles, faster changes of functionality and a higher software quality. But if you couldn’t make it to Berlin for the conference, you’re still in luck. Each keynote will be livestreamed on YouTube, so viewers from every time zone can check in and get their fill.

Check out the DevOpsCon schedule and mark your calendars so you don’t miss a single keynote!

Watch three keynotes from DevOpsCon 2018 on YouTube here.

“Observability for emerging Infra: what got you here won’t get you there” – Charity Majors

09:15 – 09:45 Central European Time

Distributed systems, microservices, containers and schedulers, polyglot persistence … modern infrastructure patterns are fluid and dynamic, chaotic and transient. So why are we still using LAMP-stack era tools to debug and monitor them? Let’s talk about the industry-wide shifts underway from metrics to events, from monitoring to observability, and from caring about the system as whole to the health of each and every request, and every user’s experience.

Read what Charity Majors had to say in our DevOps interview series:

“The Kubernetes evolution and a use case with Questback” – Terry Shea & Radu Immenroth

14:00 – 14:30 Central European Time

The continuing evolution of Kubernetes includes separating cloud, storage and other infrastructure dependencies from core Kubernetes. Additional developments, like the Open Service Broker, hold promise for rethinking how Kubernetes and cloud services interact. Emerging use cases in data science, machine learning, and other areas hold promise for broader benefits for enterprises. While use cases proliferate, support for more complex architectures like hybrid and multi-cloud continue to lag behind.

Radu Immenroth, CTO at Questback, will talk about how they leverage Kublr to migrate their core applications to a microservices-based architecture enabling portability across cloud and hosting environments.

Looking for more from Terry Shea? Check out Terry Shea’s article “Kubernetes for data science and machine learning applications: Benefits”.

“Use DevOps to identify, embrace, and drive exponential change” – Greg Bledsoe

20:00 – 20:45 Central European Time

Looking at the history of human civilization, one can argue that DevOps is a necessary stepping stone as we enter an era where exponential change is the new normal. It can help us align to a new kind of future by helping us identify where we are on the change curve, what prevents us from adapting, and where we go from here.
This keynote is likely to change not just the way you see IT, but the nature of business and beyond. By setting the DevOps movement into its historical context as the culmination of many millennia old trends we can predict not only where IT is going, but foresee how these changes are spreading through the rest of business and the world.

You can see more of Greg Bledsoe with his 2016 DevOpsCon keynote “Overcoming obstacles to DevOps”.

Hope we see you at DevOpsCon 2018! 

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