Spoiler alert: 2017 might be the year of DevOps

DevOps trends and predictions for 2017 [Infographic]

Pavan Belagatti
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They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” but can we trap the essence of DevOps in an infographic? Sure we can. In this infographic, Pavan Belagatti analyzes last year’s DevOps trends and sums up its trajectory.

Here are some DevOps trends you might be interested in:

1. DevOps is going mainstream this year.

2. Along with DevOps, the 3 C’s that are going to gain momentum are Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery.

3. We will see many new DevOps automation tools springing up like mushrooms after the rain that will change the way we do software development.

4. ‘Containerization’ is going to be in the limelight.

5. We will see many software firms moving towards microservices architecture.

6. Automation and continuous testing will be among this year’s biggest winners.

7. Must have tools and platforms like Docker, AWS, GitHub and JIRA will become even more popular.
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Pavan Belagatti
Pavan is a DevOps influencer working at JFrog and a guest writer at various top-notch technology platforms.

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