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DevOps tool Puppet-lint gets its first major release

JAXenter Editorial Team

You probably already know the VMware-backed tool Puppet. But do you know it’s little brother Puppet-lint, whose job it is to check if your Puppet code is up to scratch?

If you haven’t already come across it, Puppet-lint is a tool that checks if your Puppet code matches the style guidelines of the DevOps automation tool Puppet. And last week it just turned 1.0. It’s even already released its very first 1.0.1 bugfix. But more importantly, the tool has received a number of new features.

A brand new plugin system

The first major version of Puppet-lint is also the first version to have an integrated plug-in system, which allows users to add new correction functions. The project website now features a full list of community plugins (all of which can be made available as Ruby Gems).

Autocorrect, control comments and new checks

Fat-fingered developers need worry no more. Puppet-lint 1.0 is now able to correct common mistakes with –fix. It also provides an –only check parameter for executing a comma-separated list of checks.

On top of its new automatic correction system, Puppet-lint allows you to override any number of tests or blocks of code by adding “control comments” like lint:ignore:<check name> and lint:endignore.

Finally, the major release has added two new checks (or testing functions): puppet_url_without_modules now checks for fileserver URLs without the modules mountpoint, while unquoted_node_name checks for unquoted node names

For more on how to write your own puppet-lint check, head over to Tim Sharpe’s turorial on  

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