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How we killed DevOps by creating a dedicated DevOps team

JAXenter Editorial Team

Discover Adam Nowak’s story about DevOps and the challenges he and his team encountered when they did not have a dedicated Ops role. See how these real scenarios were handled, what lessons were learned, and where you and your team should focus their energy on. Sit back and take an educational video break.

Adam Nowak from Netguru’s DevOpsCon session discusses the challenges that his team faced when they did not have a dedicated Ops role among a team of developers.

“Back in time, there were only developers in our company and we didn’t have a dedicated Ops role. However, we’ve decided to change this and that’s how we’ve entered a very dangerous path with a lot of technical, people and culture related obstacles. This is a story about money, expectations, tickets, sweat, and long hours put to make everybody happy. I hope you’ll learn a lot from the real scenarios which we’ve encountered and the way we handled them. Most of all, I hope you won’t wake up one day and realise that there’s a team in your organisation which takes your focus and energy in the wrong direction.”


DevOpsAdam NowakI’m a dedicated, goal-driven individual, leveraging my experience to empower other fellow professionals. Nothing makes me feel better than the success of my team! I like to keep things clean and simple, starting from my todo list and ending with detailing cars!

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