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DevOps Conference – Implementing event-driven microservices

JAXenter Editorial Team

Event-driven microservices architecture has gained a lot of attention recently. The trend in the industry is to move away from Monolithic applications to microservices to innovate faster. While microservices have their benefits, they also come with drawbacks.

One major drawback is the problem of distributed data management, as each microservice has its own database. Event-Driven Architecture enables a way to make microservices work, and manage transactions that update entities owned by multiple services in an eventually consistent fashion. Unfortunately, implementing Event-driven microservies architecture is hard. This talk focuses on the challenges faced and how to solve them.


microservicesNikhil Barthwal is a Senior Software Engineer at Google and a start-up mentor. He works on Cloud Functions, the Google Cloud’s Serverless offering, specifically works on developer tooling and aims to make it the best Function-as-a-Service, the best platform for developers.

Outside of work, he speaks at local meetups as well as international conferences on several topics related to Distributed systems and Programming Languages. You can get to know know more about him via his homepage

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