Interview with Nigel Harniman

DevOps with Jenkins – “You can’t eat the elephant all at once”

JAXenter Editorial Team
Nigel Harniman (CloudBees) speaking at the JAX 2015

In his session at the JAX 2015’s Continuous Delivery Day, Nigel Harniman (CloudBees) explained how to build and maintain scalable, stable and simple CD pipelines, using a Jenkins enterprise solution from CloudBees. Afterwards, he spoke to us about trends and DevOps approaches.

Jenkins is particularly popular among users for the development of Continuous Integration pipelines. But the CloudBees’ DevOps technology is also increasingly being used to develop Continuous Integration into Continuous Delivery. Nigel had a few tips to give us in this area– namely that tooling alone won’t be enough.

It’s essential to set goals collectively in a distributed internal setup. And in bigger firms, it all the more important that this takes is “small, little and often.”

Nigel Harniman is a Senior Solution Architect at CloudBees. He believes that adopting Continuous Delivery is the best way for application delivery to be successful and that to achieve this the pipeline must be automated. Prior to CloudBees he has held a number of development and architecture roles across both software and infrastructure. He has been helping teams improve their agility through leading the implementation of automated infrastructure and deployment solutions since 2006.

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