Interview with Liat Palace, Head of Agile and DevOps implementation at Amdocs | JAX London 2018

“Mixing Dev and Ops is just not enough”

JAXenter Editorial Team
Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou interviewing Liat Palace  at JAX London 2018

Are you sure the DevOps implementation strategy you use is the right one for your company? We caught up with Liat Palace, Head of Agile and DevOps implementation at Amdocs to talk about what has been missing from DevOps and its future prospects.

Is your DevOps implementation strategy adequate? In her talk at JAX London 2018, Liat Palace shared her secrets on how to facilitate a successful DevOps implementation. The main steps include:

Step 1: Initiation – Define and articulate what DevOps represents for the project.

Step 2: Strategy – Implementation strategy, an important phase that helps create the vision and mission.

Step 3: The implementation machine – Create a strong change driving mechanism.

Step 4: Reassess – Did your actions impact our results?

JAXenter assistant editor Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou caught up with Liat to discuss the main topics of her session, what DevOps is missing and future prospects.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

  • When we talk about DevOps, we talk about mixing Dev and Ops. From my experience, it is just not enough. You have to take into consideration the entire organization. You have an entire ecosystem you cannot ignore.
  •  Your organization’s ecosystem affects the way you deliver software.
  • In our industry, things that used to work are not working anymore. Customers are not tolerating poor quality, delays in software delivery.
  •  If we make our processes better, we will get a better outcome at a lower cost.
  • Operability is the most painful part of the development pipeline!
  • I would recommend every developer to know how operation is going to work and every operation guy to understand how development is working. This collaboration saves a lot of rework.

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Liat Palace is on a mission to transform Amdocs, the biggest telecommunication software provider. An organization with over 27,000 employees spread over 85 countries. Educated as a developer with more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry, served as a Scrum master and agile coach. Today she is leading a group of DevOps coaches and Technology enthusiasts, helps multimillion projects with thousands of employees to embrace a collaborative culture, growth mindset, continuous learning, and implement process betterment and technology excellence.
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