Interview with Greg Bledsoe, Managing Consultant at Accenture

Gradual change: A pebble can start an avalanche — same goes for DevOps

JAXenter Editorial Team
Hartmut Schlosser interviews Greg Bledsoe at DevOpsCon  

“DevOps only happens when you remove the friction and waste of the hierarchical silos —which is why we need a common business goal.” Greg Bledsoe, Managing Consultant at Accenture, spoke to JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser at DevOpsCOn 2016 about the essence of DevOps and the key problems that inhibit DevOps adoption.

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Greg Bledsoe is a managing consultant at Accenture in the DevOps architecture practice and regularly advises and leads the implementation of DevOps principles and practices at the fortune 100. He is also a regularly published author. Greg has spent a career being responsible for keeping platforms secure and reliable. He brings twenty years of experience building scalable, secure and cost effective environments. Greg is a certified ethical hacker and certified penetration tester, and led a talented team with the same certifications at Personal, Inc. Greg has tackled large scaling challenges such as managing the explosive growth of third party credit card processor TSYS from a few million accounts to hundreds of millions, including an extranet securely connecting hundreds of partners, clients, and vendors.

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