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Beyond DevOps – Holistic transformations in uncertain times

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In this talk, Stephan Lange will highlight examples where companies are doing well and also where they struggle. The intent is to focus on the value story of an enterprise rather than implementing initiatives that solve small parts of the business challenge. Watch Stephen Lange’s session from DevOpsCon.

Companies today are faced with an ever-increasing pace of change and disruption in the market. The need to deliver fast and to innovate is stronger than ever and will only intensify. Turn to Agile & DevOps ways of working is not good enough. Business Agility puts the focus on the company’s business goals by leveraging “Delivery Agility”, “Product Innovation”, “Organizational Adaptability” and “Leadership Effectiveness”.


DevOpsStephan Lange works for many years in the area of Agile and DevOps development. He leads the “Enterprise Transformation” group as a managing director in Accenture Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and is dedicated to scale new ways of business agility to enterprises.

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