The real aim of DevOps

DevOps for effectiveness, not efficiency

JAXenter Editorial Team
Markus Andrezak

In his DevOpsCon keynote, Markus Andrezak, the founder of ueberproduct, explains why the aim of DevOps should be effectiveness (doing the right thing) and not efficiency.

Twenty years ago, there was software development. Now we have front end, back end, JavaScript developers and many many more. What was one is now many. Also Ops is now a task, separated from doing the thing.

DevOps is one of many similar approaches to break down barriers and silos in companies and between disciplines: Lean UX, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Service Design. All these movements express the deeply human wish and desire towards Oneness, all from a different angle. This desire was possibly first expressed through the greek concept of the Kugelmensch. Gestalttheorie also was on the search of the concept.

While we go miles to again achieve oneness, most reasoning is about efficiency (doing things right) and economics (doing things cheaper). But this is not enough! The real power of DevOps and the other movements lies in creating products that deeply move people, that have the quality without a name, as Christopher Alexander names it. The real aim should be effectiveness (doing the right thing).

What do we have to do across the silos to get back to right products and services that people love and need. How can we support products and services through being one again? What is the price we have to pay? Are we willing to? What, where and why is the resistance? Why is it hard? How can the three ways of DevOps, flow, feedback help?

Markus Andrezak is the founder of ueberproduct and helps companies find and create great products.

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