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Stack Overflow Calculator 2019 reveals DevOps specialists earn top salaries

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Do you know your worth? Stack Overflow updated its Salary Calculator with new data for 2019, adding Italy to the list of countries that can search for sample salaries. Stay updated with what your experience is worth and use the calculator to calculate how much you should make, depending on your location, skillset, and experience level.

Do you know what you’re worth? Regardless of whether or not you are actively looking for a new position, knowing what the average person makes in your field is empowering. Thanks to imposter syndrome, some devs find it hard to accept their accomplishments and know the value of their work. Well, worry no more and receive a number that can help you determine if you are underpaid or what ballpark you should aim for when job hunting.

Stack Overflow recently updated its Salary Calculator with new, updated data for 2019. Devs in the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden can use the calculator and explore a predicted salary in their location, field, and similar experience level.

This is the first time that the calculator accounts for devs in Italy. Congratulazioni!

New in 2019

Data scientist Julia Silge posted an article regarding the data the calculator reveals about developer salaries around the world.

According to the data, coders in the United States and Canada are making, on average, 5% more this year, compared to last year. As for Europe, Russia, Brazil, and India, salaries have mostly stayed the same.

The newest data shows some technologies are helping boost salaries. Devs using Scala, Redis, Go, or Apache Spark have seen an increase in salary. If you are looking to learn a new career skill, these may be some good suggestions to start learning.


Who are the big earners?

Most obviously, a worker’s geographic location has a huge impact on their salary. People aren’t packing their bags and moving to the midwest to join a startup, usually. Predicably, high profile areas and metropolitan locations such as the Bay Area, New York, Seattle, Paris, and London rake in the big numbers. No news there.

Also coming as no big surprise, coders with more experience earn more. This is true across the board globally.

Just like last year, DevOps is where the big money is. In 2019, DevOps specialists are the top earners. 

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Most countries have a similar salary hierarchy, as seen below, with a few exceptions here and there.


DevOps and data scientists are top earners. Source.

What makes DevOps so special? According to Julia Silge, it’s the perfect storm of factors.

DevOps-focused work, on the other hand, is unusual both in terms of high compensation globally, as well as job satisfactionhow few DevOps specialists are looking for work, and more

Coders in the United States are overall top earners with the highest median salary in USD.

Using the Salary Calculator

Let’s test it out with a sample.

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Although the tech skills are divided into categories (frameworks, languages, databases, etc.), the Salary Calculator only lets you select five technologies in total, not five per category. This may be a little limited for some who will have to pick and choose the most relevant skills.


Sample role and tech skills. Source.

Our imaginary mobile developer works in Boston, MA as a mobile developer. They know JavaScript and Kotlin and develop for Android, but last year, they picked up Flutter and started developing for iOS devices as well. With three years of experience and a BA under their belt, they’re ready to calculate their salary.


Sample annual salary. Source.

Underneath the suggested annual salary are some job listings in their area. So when our imaginary mobile dev sees they are woefully underpaid they can begin updating their resume and start applying elsewhere.

Regarding the calculator’s accuracy, location specificity does seem to be sporadic. While the calculator does take into consideration the high salaries in Silicon Valley and New York City, in my testing, it did not account for rural areas. For instance, when searching for a frontend development job in Anchorage, Alaska I received a salary suggestion of 78,000 USD. However, when searching for a developer job in Anchorage, AK on Stack Overflow, I found zero results. So keep this in mind if you live in an area that is not a large city.

Test out the Salary Calculator. Does your result match your own salary?

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