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DevOps and Microservices to take the focus at JAX London 2015

JAXenter Editorial Team
JAX London

The countdown to the JAX London 2015 is on and we’ve put the spotlight on DevOps and Microservices. Come along and hear from leading technologists and experts on the topics that are making waves in the IT world.

DevOps and Microservices are big, and we want to get in on the conversations happening around these upcoming processes and frameworks. At the JAX London in October 2015, they’ll be taking centre stage along with the usual Java presentations, coding workshops and architecture chatter.

DevOps is now a justified solution when it comes to focusing on delivery and quality. It’s no longer just a buzzword: DevOps is the means to deliver great software and build systems that scale and last.


Steve Pool

For Steve Poole (IBM) and Daniel Bryant (OpenCredo), they’ve weathered the adventure of discovering and investigating the DevOps path. Now they want to share their experiences by declaring DevOps and the cloud as the keys to crowning the developer king:

“Last year we talked about DevOps, what it was, why it was important and how to get started. Boy, was it scary. Now we’re wiser. More battle-scarred. The scale of the challenge forapplication writers exploiting cloud and DevOps is clearer, but so is the path forward. Understanding the DevOps approach is important but equally you must understand specific deployment technologies. How to exploit them and how they effect the design of applications. Whether creating simple applications or sophisticated microservice architectures many of the challenges are the same”.


Aviran Mordo

Speaking of microservice architecture, we’re also joined at JAX London by Aviran Mordo (, who will be speaking about scaling with microservices and multi-cloud architecture within the startup environment.

“Many small startups build their systems on top of a traditional toolset. These systems are used because they facilitate easy development and fast progress, but many of them are monolithic and have limited scalability. As a startup grows, the team is confronted with the problem of how to evolve and scale the system”.


Samir Talwar

We’ll also be featuring sessions that include Agile philosophies with Nigel Runnels-Moss, tips for writing less code using your type system with Samir Talwar (right), plus a bevy of female speakers covering streams in Java 8, avoiding feature gluttony and making smart tradeoffs when building software.

Until July 31, you can catch the entire jam-packed program for £150 less with the Very Early Bird discount. There’s a variety of ticket options available to experience how we bring together the world’s leading Java, JVM experts and innovators to share their ideas.

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