Developing applications with a micro-service architecture

Coman Hamilton
Chris Richardson at the JAX London 2014 (© S&S Media)

If your team is considering a micro-services approach, this is one introduction video you’ll want to watch. With practical examples, Chris Richardson shows us how decomposing applications into micro-services improves deployability and scalability.

The micro-service architecture, which structures an application as a set of small, narrowly focused, independently deployable services, is becoming an increasingly popular way to build applications.

This approach avoids many of the problems of a monolithic architecture. It simplifies deployment and let’s you create highly scalable and available applications, while also simplifying the adoption of new technologies.

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In this talk, shot at the 2014 JAX London, Chris Richardson (Java Champion and founder of CloudFoundry) describes the micro-service architecture and how to use it to build complex applications.

You’ll also learn how techniques such as Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing address the key challenges of developing applications with this architecture. We will also cover some of the various frameworks such as Spring Boot that you can use to implement micro-services.

You can also find the slides here on slideshare.

Coman Hamilton
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