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Why do developers choose Swift for enterprise app development?

Harnil Oza

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Swift is not restricted to iPhone app development — this language is also used in OS X, tvOS and watchOS to develop responsive and secure applications. Let’s see what makes Swift a great choice for enterprise app development.

Why is Swift’s popularity still growing?

As the current era is all about cloud storage, the enterprise world is drawn to develop cloud-based apps. Swift’s interoperability and robustness can transform applications into great products. Plus, it has the ability to create highly relevant and contextual applications.

Let’s see why developers choose Swift for enterprise app development:

Enhanced productivity

Swift is a cost-effective, secure and time-efficient programming language — it increases productivity by compressing developers’ efforts but also controls cost in the development process. Moreover, it consists of 2000 ready to use packages bundled in Package Manager that greatly shrink developers’ development time.

Swift also allows developers to work on their existing mobile app by developing dynamic back-end. It will help developers move the code between client and server quite easily. This way, developers can optimize their app for bandwidth, security, and performance.

Big community

Swift’s community consists of over 33,000 members on GitHub — this proves that developers are very interested in the implementation of the latest programming language in app development. Since Swift is based on C#, it is quite easy to understand and implement. Such a robust and fast language has driven many enterprises to invest in training their in-house development team to learn Swift for future app development projects.

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Ideal for cloud

The enterprise world heavily relies on technologies like cloud and IoT for its app development. As Swift requires less code and gives high-performance results, it is the perfect language to integrate with cloud technology for enterprise app development.

If an enterprise wants to develop high-end cloud base applications, they need a cost-effective and robust platform that can be easily deployed in the cloud. Enterprise app developers can make use of iOS platforms to develop an app with Swift’s help since this programming language has the ability to create highly relevant and contextual applications.



Harnil Oza

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