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How developers celebrate Halloween

Coman Hamilton
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What are developers dressing up as for Halloween this year? And what is it that programmers are most scared of?

It’s that time of year again, when developers emerge from the deep, dark crypts of DevOps to scare the normal world with obscure programming references and nerd jokes. What is it that is terrifying the developer community this Halloween?

No scarefest would be complete without a hollowed out pumpkin. But you can’t frighten a real techie with just a scary face…

Low battery? What could be scarier to a developer that the thought of no internet?

And make sure throw in some Star Wars reference for good measure.

Developer costumes

Several trick-or-treaters have decided to dress up as developers for Halloween. Genius or lazy?

Some developers are getting more specific with their tech outfits.

This is how my developer friends dress up for #Halloween ;) Ein von Thomas Gläser (@thomas_glaeser) gepostetes Foto am


Meanwhile some IT teams are struggling to stay agile during Halloween.


Finally, it wouldn’t be a good Halloween without feeling nauseous after binge-eating all your trick-or-treated booty (or binge drinking at the company party). But what better way to bring post-Halloween nausea into the 21st century than with an Oculus Rift?

Coman Hamilton
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