Developers & DevOps: A love story

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Pavan Belagatti
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What’s a developer, really? Pavan Belagatti explores the modern developer in this article to see if he could find any trends in the field.

I work in a software company. It’s pretty important for me to understand my colleagues, so we can connect and understand one another. That helps strengthen our relationships and leads to more efficiency and productivity. Of course, the only thing a hacker likes more than coding is the scientific method, so I sent around a small survey to see if I could spot any trends in our field.

First, I have to ask, what is a developer? What do they do, exactly?

According to my survey, developers are:

  • analytical
  • curious and inquisitive
  • flexible
  • avid learners
  • pragmatic
  • team players
  • technical



The Developer mindset is interested in:

  • how stuff works
  • how to make stuff work
  • finding a solution to that one unsolvable problem
  • learning new things about programming
  • trying out new tools

Where my developers at?

The US might have been the birthplace of Grace Hopper, but there’s a whole world of software engineers out there. We already know that some of the best developers are coming from overseas, including Japan, France, Sri Lanka, and Poland.

developers around the world

We’re also a pretty young crew. Developers tend to be in their late twenties or early thirties, but there’s always that one wunderkind in the department who’s making us all look bad.


The social network

Developers are a chatty bunch. We tend to prefer discussion forums, since they are a valuable source of information. Whenever I have a coding problem, I hit the forums for some helpful feedback and suggestions from the community. It’s pretty awesome.

People overwhelmingly go to Quora,  LinkedIn, and Medium, but websites like DZone,  Stack Overflow, Gizmodo,  InfoQ,,  Linux and JAXenter  are all extremely helpful for my work.

developer websites

It’s not all work over there, either. While elegant solutions to that awful coding problem can be found (hopefully), a lot of the discussion tends to be just catching up on the latest news, or the coolest game we’re obsessed about right now, or other interesting developments going on in the IT field.

 IT news

Hard at work

Right now, the hottest trend has got to be DevOps. Companies all over are jumping on the DevOps bandwagon and they’re all in need of a few good engineers. So if you’re a software engineer looking to get involved in the DevOps field, you should probably look at these companies.

DevOps companies

These companies are all at the cutting edge of the DevOps field. Best check them out and see if they’re hiring!


Pavan Belagatti
Pavan is a DevOps influencer working at JFrog and a guest writer at various top-notch technology platforms.

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