Overview of the Currents report

What do developer trends in the cloud look like?

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The quarterly report on developer trends in the cloud by DigitalOcean, Currents, is out! What do containers usage and serverless computing adoption look like? Here, we have a look at some of the highlights and interesting facts of the Currents report.

We are back with another fascinating report! Currents is a quarterly report on developer cloud trends created by DigitalOcean.

For the fourth edition of the Currents survey, the team behind the report surveyed nearly 5,000 respondents from around the world about themselves, the tools they use and the challenges they face.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the results!

Containers; containers everywhere

The widespread adoption of containers is pictured in this report with almost half (49%) of the respondents using containers while the 78% of those who aren’t yet using them, reported that they intend to adopt the technology in the future.

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When it comes to the language preferences amongst those using containers, JavaScript seems to be the real winner, followed by Python. Surprisingly, Go and Java go toe to toe in the 4th and 5th place respectively, with a difference of just 1% between them!

Interesting fact: When asked about the most beneficial aspect of containers, participants reported that scalability is the number one benefit (39%) followed by the ability to test software more simply (24%) and much faster (23%). 

Kubernetes is once again the clear winner among the container orchestration platforms, with 42% of the participants using it as their primary platform.

To close the chapter on containers, we take a look at the responses to the question concerning continuous integration/continuous delivery. The majority of the participants appear to use both CI and CD solutions while a significant 21% uses neither.

What is this…serverless thing you say?

It came as a real surprise to me that the developer community is completely divided when it comes to the knowledge of serverless computing with half saying they have a strong understanding of it, and the other half not! Unlike the container technology, serverless computing seems to be at a much earlier stage of adoption.

Interesting fact: 81% of those who reported that don’t yet understand serverless technology intend to do further research on it within this year.

Nevertheless, we still have some interesting results to go through, starting with the most used serverless platforms. AWS Lambda seems to be the winner in this  section and by quite a margin!

Cost reduction appears to be the number one beneficial aspect of serverless computing while monitoring and debugging seems to be the biggest challenge developers face with serverless computing. Concern around vendor lock-in is also reported as an important challenge.

Let’s talk diversity… Again!

I know that some of you are tired of the topic and are not looking forward to another reference to the diversity issues across the tech industry.

But the fact remains.

Every new report that goes out gives us a new disappointment since the diversity issues are still alive and well. The Currents survey, unfortunately, shows nothing different. The numbers speak for themselves:

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  • Too many unchecked vocal assholes.
  • Limiting assumptions about interest and capabilities of women – particularly problematic during adolescence (unfortunately often reinforced by some teachers and even parents).
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An obstacle women in tech usually face is imposter syndrome.

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