'The end of Eclipse on the Mac Platform'?

Deprecated Java

Jessica Thornsby

Alex Blewitt predicts what effect Apple’s decision to deprecate Java, will have on the Java-based IDEs.

The news that Apple have decided to deprecate Java on OSX could effect more than just Mac fans, as the OSX Java implementation provides several Cocoa-specific bindings and hooks.

Alex Blewitt has posted a blog detailing the effect this move may have on the Java-based IDEs. Eclipse may be based on top of SWT – and SWT uses the native widget set directly – but there are a number of hooks into the Cocoa layer to provide application-level services, and some of these have been extended in the eAWT package to permit Java apps to opt into user events. Still, Alex Blewitt isn’t optimistic about the future of Eclipse on Mac, if Apple doesn’t ship a JVM with OSX 10.7, calling it “the end of Eclipse on the Mac platform.” IDEs that rely on AWT and Swing directly, will potentially have an even tougher time. This includes NetBeans and IntelliJ.

It is currently unclear whether Apple will donate the OSX-specific UI code. It is also unclear what exactly has motivated this deprecation.

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