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Deep learning anomalies with TensorFlow and Apache Spark

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deep learning

Deep learning is always among the hottest topics and TensorFlow is one of the most popular frameworks out there. In this session, Khanderao Kand goes through some deep learning concepts in general and TensorFlow and Apache Spark in specific.

TensorFlow and Apache Spark are important open source frameworks with rising adaptation for big data and machine learning. This presentation covers deep learning in general and TensorFlow and Apache Spark in specific. Apache Spark is widely used for big data and machine learning, while TensorFlow augments it for deep learning.

Khanderao Kand in an experienced Senior Technologist and works as an Architect & Engineering Management Executive at Oracle.  He has expertise in Big Data Analytics, Apache Spark, Hadoop ecosystem, Machine Learning, Data Mining Algorithms, NoSQL databases, Text Search, Recommendation engines, Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Mobile App and cloud computing. Leadership experience in building, mentoring and leading talented teams of developers & architects for startups to large software industries(Oracle, Peoplesoft). 20+ years of proven track of record in developing complex software development platforms/ applications both in enterprise and consumer space. Participated in industry standards (BPEL, SCA) consortium like OASIS, filed patents, published articles and delivered talks in conferences like Jax-world, Oracle Open World, Global Big Data Conference, and GITPRO Big Data Summit.



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