Interview with Tony Tran, co-founder & CTO of Bee Token

What it takes to be a dApp developer: Tips from Bee Token’s Tony Tran

Gabriela Motroc
Tony Tran

Decentralized applications (dApps) are becoming increasingly attractive to developers across the world. However, if you’re new to dApps, getting started might not be as easy as you think. We talked to Tony Tran, co-founder & CTO of Bee Token about the how’s and why’s of decentralized platforms and applications.

JAXenter: Last year, there was this “trend” of launching decentralized exchanges but we still don’t have those yet. What’s impeding the advancement of truly decentralized platforms?

Tony Tran: While there are decentralized applications, the innovations needed for fully decentralized applications are still in development. There are a variety of challenges dApp developers are currently facing in their mission to create fully decentralized applications ranging from scaling to security issues.

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JAXenter: What needs to happen in order to finally make this a reality?

Tony Tran: dApp developers will need to continue to innovate and try new approaches to creating decentralized applications. Once the infrastructure is solid and available, which I foresee becoming a reality in the next few years, it will become easier to build fully decentralized applications.

Developers who work to create these platforms are participating in a revolution to bring the power back to the community

JAXenter: What are the benefits of truly decentralized platforms?

Tony Tran: Truly decentralized platforms offer several benefits:

  • the opportunity for individuals to transact directly with their peers without the need for a middleman (and related costs) and
  • the ability to operate on a fast, reliable network powered by the community.

JAXenter: Why should developers care about decentralized platforms? What’s in it for them?

Tony Tran: Developers who work to create these platforms are participating in a revolution to bring the power back to the community and build a more democratic approach that will run independently of any corporate entity.

JAXenter: We talked about decentralized platforms, how about applications? What’s the difference between dApps and blockchain platforms?

Tony Tran: It’s important to note that not all decentralized applications are built upon blockchain technology and can instead be built upon a P2P network. In comparison, blockchain platforms use blockchain as their underlying technology, and not all of these platforms are considered decentralized.

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JAXenter: Tell us more about Bee Token. What is it and what’s its end-game?

Tony Tran: Bee Token is a blockchain powered platform that had one of hottest token sales this year. We’re bringing cryptocurrency to the real world via Beenest, our decentralized home-sharing network. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate fully decentralized networks with our Bee Protocols, becoming the gold standard across the world.

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