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dApps 101: Tips and tricks to get you started

Michael Kordvani
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You feel like you are not entirely sure what dApps are all about? Here, Michael Kordvani offers you some tips and tricks to start your journey as a dApp developer.

Despite the negative image of Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies, one cannot deny that developing blockchain ecosystems is the future. Today’s dApp developers have a bright future ahead of them.

Although it is still unknown to the vast majority of people around the globe, blockchain technology is powerful and legitimate. Even the well-known billionaire Mark Cuban, when talking about Ethereum-based tokens, recognized blockchain as the future of technology. 

I think blockchain is a great platform for future technology, future applications … just like the net and streaming created multiple great companies, I think blockchain will as well.

Mark Cuban

Having said that, you have to understand that getting started as a dApp developer —and building a “great platform for future technology”— is not that simple. After all, most programmers and developers simply do not understand what exactly a blockchain ecosystem is or why it is so powerful!

However, with a bit of studying and practice, you can get a solid start as a dApp developer. In fact, the purpose of this article is to help you build this skill by sharing the basic tips and tricks I learned during my (short) journey as a dApp developer.   

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Your dApp developer stack needs to include this

To be a dApp developer, you must make sure you have a scalable computation, storage for your files, external data, a monetization plan along with multiple ways to accept and make payments.  

The great news is that it is much easier to build and maintain scalable computation, file storage, and external data in 2018 than it was in 2015. I would even go as far as saying that it was nearly impossible for most aspiring dApp developers, just three years ago, to build a scalable dApp in the comfort of their own home that was actually worth the time, effort and cost. Today, though, I feel this goal is within the reach of most dApp developers.  

Languages for dApp developers

Just like all programmers and developers, dApp developers must learn some specific languages. The best languages for this job are Web3 Solidity Documentation, JSON RPC API, and JavaScript AP. If you are not familiar with these three languages, you are not yet ready to start your journey as a dApp developer.  

Monetizing your work as a dApp developer

As stated above, you want to monetize your dApp if you aim to become a successful dApp developer. As a starting point, all dApp developers should copyright their work. This is a painless and inexpensive task that will keep your work safe and secure.

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Next, dApp developers need to decide on their method of payment. The most common payment options are allowing others to commercialize your dApp for a shared profit percentage, for the cost of a license, or for donations. Many dApp developers use more than one monetizing method.

Blockchain is most likely to keep taking the future of technological developments by storm. So, are you ready to be part of the future?


Michael Kordvani

Ever since he was a child, Michael was captivated by technology. When the opportunity arose to spend his life writing about it, Michael didn’t hesitate. He now spends his time exploring and writing about captivating new technologies to introduce to the people. Michael’s insatiable desire for new technologies lead him to pursue a computer science degree at Queens College. His work has been published on various technology blogs across the web.

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