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Corgi, the CLI workflow manager: Cute *and* useful

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Cuteness overload! Corgi, the CLI workflow manager is here to make your life easier by providing a list of features for creating and managing reusable snippets.

Corgi is a command-line tool that helps with your repetitive command usages by organizing them into reusable snippet. It was inspired by Pet and aims to advance Pet’s command-level usage to a workflow level.

The current version of v0.2.2 features a number of useful snippet tools. Let’s have a look:

Create a snippetCorgi provides an interactive CLI interface to create snippets, and you can start by running corgi new. You can also create snippets from command history and define template fields in snippet

List snippets  To view all snippets saved on your system, run corgi list

Execute a snippet – You can execute a snippet by simply running corgi exec [<title of the snippet>] [--use-default] [--step <step range>]. What’s more, you can use default value without prompt, select steps to execute, and use an interactive snippet selection

Edit a snippet – In order to edit a snippet, run corgi edit []

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Describe a snippet To see the details of a snippet, you can run corgi describe []

Share snippets –  You can easily share a snippet by exporting via corgi export [] [-o ] and send the json file to another
person. Similarly, if you want to import a snippet json file someone shared with you, run corgi import [...]

Remove a snippet – You can remove a snippet by running corgi remove []

Configure corgi –  You can configure your text editor choice for snippet editing and filter tool for interactive snippet selection by running corgi config [--editor ] [--filter-cmd <fzf, peco or something else>]

Getting started

There are three ways to get started with Corgi. You can install the Homebrew, the Binary or build it from scratch.

You can find all the releases here.

Choose your “weapon” and take your Corgi for a walk!

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