Java Metrics Tool

Create Your Own Metrics With JHawk 5

Jessica Thornsby

JHawk 5 is released with new metrics, and DataViewer product for viewing changes in metrics over time.

Version 5 of the Java metrics tool JHawk is out now.

This release gets an updated user interface and new metrics. JHawk collects metrics at four different levels, ranging from method level to the system level. A full list of the metrics in JHawk 5 can be viewed at the JHawk website. Users now also have the option of creating their own metrics.

JHawk 5 is available in Standalone and Eclipse plugin versions, and a license includes both versions. The Professional license now comes with the DataViewer product, for viewing changes in metrics over time based on JHawk Interchange files generated from the standalone and command line versions. Users can also export this data for use in the Google Motion Chart Visualisation.