Create JSR 311 Compatible Web Services with Grails-JAXRS

Jessica Thornsby

Grails plugin for developing RESTful web services based on JSR 311:JAX-RS.

Version 0.4 of the Grails-JAXRS Grails plugin is now available.

This plugin targets developers working on RESTful web services, based on JSR 311: JAX-RS. It aims to help structure the web service layer in a JSR 311 compatible way, while continuing to leverage Grails features.

Currently, Grails-JAXRS users can choose between Restlet and Jersey as JAX-RS implementations, and can deploy to Google App Engine.

Version 0.4 is mainly a bugfix and maintainance release, which upgrades to Grails 1.3.1, Jersey 1.2 and Restlet 2.0-RC3. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

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