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Crafted design – An introduction to Interaction-Driven Design

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You’re working with an application and have to understand how it all ties together and what changes you need to make. Where do you start?

How can we quickly tell what an application is about? How can we quickly tell what it does? How can we distinguish business concepts from architecture clutter? How can we quickly find the code we want to change? How can we instinctively know where to add code for new features? Purely looking at unit tests is either not possible or too painful.

Looking at higher-level tests can take a long time and still not give us the answers we need. For years, we have all struggled to design and structure projects that reflect the business domain.

In this talk shot at the JAX London 2014, Sandro Mancuso shares how he designed the last application he worked on, twisting a few concepts from Domain-Driven Design, properly applying MVC, borrowing concepts from CQRS, and structuring packages in non-conventional ways.

Sandro also touches upon SOLID principles, Agile incremental design, modularisation, and testing. By iteratively modifying the project structure to better model the product requirements, he has come up with a design style that helps developers create maintainable and domain-oriented software.

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