Interview with Gianluca Arbezzano, Software Engineer at InfluxData

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins & Docker Security: The pros, cons, and a status update

Dominik Mohilo

Jenkins is still one of the most widely used tools in the area of ​​continuous delivery. Why? In this interview from DevOpsCon 2017 in Berlin, we interviewed Gianluca Arbezzano about the strengths and weaknesses of Jenkins, Docker, and the future of container technology.

When you think of continuous delivery or continuous integration, the first thing that pops into your hear is Jenkins. This open source tool is an irreplaceable part of the modern IT world. But, it’s not a magic wand. Jenkins can’t solve all the problems in continuous development. So, we talked to Gianluca Arbezzano about these problems and more when we caught up with him at DevOpsCon 2017 in Berlin earlier this year.

We also talked to Arbezanno about safety issues in container tech, mostly about which rules you can ignore and what absolutely, positively, should be followed when working with containers. Finally, our DevOpsCon speaker provides insights into the current state of container affairs with some thoughts on a uniform container standard as well as the future of container technology.

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Gianluca Arbezzano is a Software Engineer at InfluxData. The main way to improve and grow is to share what you do to catch feedback to expand my points of view. He is an enthusiastic open source contributor and maintainer of different projects in different languages. As a DevOps evangelist and Docker Captain he is happy to make his environment efficient and secure for himself and his team.

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Dominik Mohilo
Dominik Mohilo studied German and sociology at the Frankfurt University, and works at S&S Media since 2015.

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