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Containous starts new ambassador program for Traefik community

Chris Stewart
Source: Traefik Ambassador Program

At Kubecon last week, Containous launched their new Traefik Ambassador Program in an effort to give contributors to the open source cloud-native edge router some recognition for their contributions. Community members are already expressing their enthusiasm for the new initiative. Let’s take a closer look.

On November 18, 2019 at Kubecon, Containous – purveyor of cloud infrastructure solutions Traefik and Maesh – announced the Traefik Ambassador Program with the aim of better supporting the community and investing back into its contributors. The program is open to all developers and there are four different types of contributions recognized: code, content, being a community builder and being a Traefik online meetup presenter.

Containous’ Head of Community Patricia Dugan said “With the Traefik Ambassador Program, we can reward the many ways our community accelerates the interaction of knowledge between Traefik users, and we can better support this large and passionate community both on and offline. By joining this community program, contributors will have focused resources to support their contributions and exciting new perks that reward their efforts.”


Ambassadors will be rewarded with a variety of perks; although no specifics were given, Kubecon attendees who agreed to be interviewed about their company’s experiences with Traefik were rewarded with limited-edition embroidered hoodies. However, the company has stated that it will support developers with whatever they need to launch meetups or talks, “promoting contributors’ work to a wider audience through social channels, and delivering special Traefik Ambassador swag.”

A little about Containous

Containous‘ projects include Traefik, a cloud-native edge router with over 26,000 stars on GitHub that has been downloaded over 1.2 billion times, and Maesh, a service mesh designed with simplicity in mind that allows users to oversee and manage traffic flows in Kubernetes clusters. Version 2.0 of Traefik was recently released, and Version 1.0 of Maesh is production ready as of November 21. The company’s mission is “to simplify cloud-native adoption for all enterprises.”

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Fostering the Traefik community

To demonstrate how important the community is to Containous, CEO Emile Vauge said, “we fully believe that important decisions are best made collegially and visible to the rest of the community. The Traefik Ambassador Program is an important step to show our immense appreciation to the Traefik community, and to ensure resources are there to best enable and reward their development.”

Indeed, members of the community were involved in the creation of the Ambassador Program, with many voices already expressing enthusiasm for the new initiative:

I’m all about the new Traefik Ambassador Program, which is built specifically for Traefik Community members — those who use and are fans of Traefik. Traefik enables our team to consolidate tools and workflows without adding complexity to our projects. The Traefik Ambassador Program is focused on supporting contributors of code, content and expertise by way of resources and promotion, which I think is awesome, and necessary. The program will help me and other ambassadors bring Traefik closer to the local communities, and give back to the Open Source ecosystem.

–Brian Christner, co-founder of 56K.Cloud and Docker Captain

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I contribute to Traefik because it’s a natural fit for cloud-native architectures. When working with cloud-native platforms, such as Kubernetes, you want an edge router that will push you forward — not pull you back. Traefik provides that push forward. I see the new Traefik Ambassador Program as a way support the advocates of the technology. Through that support Traefik will hit an ever-widening audience.

–Josh Duffney, Senior DevOps Engineer, Paylocity

And one more for luck:

I like Traefik because it’s simple and easy to use — it’s probably the most cloud-native-friendly edge router out there. From exposing Docker containers on the go or doing more serious work as an ingress controller, using it has been a blast. The Traefik Ambassador Program will raise the knowledge and awareness of Traefik, and add more hands to create a better version and community around it.

–Jose Barahona, Infrastructure Support Engineer, ModusBox

You can find more details about the Traefik Ambassador Program here.

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