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Coming soon on JAXenter: videos from JAX London

Elliot Bentley

In case you’re getting nostalgic already for JAX London 2012, we’ve got a host of recorded sessions and interviews on the way.

Can you believe it’s only been two weeks since JAX London? We’re already planning for the next one at JAX Towers (yes, really).

Yet if you’re already getting nostalgic, never fear – JAXenter is on hand to help you relive those glorious yet fleeting days, and give a taste of what you may have missed.

For a start, we’ve got videos of almost every session in the main room, including keynotes from Doug Cutting, Patrick Debois, Steve Poole and Martijn Verburg & Kirk Pepperdine, which we’ll be releasing gradually onto the site over the coming weeks. Slides for the rest of JAX London’s sessions are already freely available on SlideShare.

We also took the time to film a series of short interviews with some of the conference’s most interesting speakers, the first of which – a chat with Doug Cutting on the future of Hadoop – is already online. Look out for exclusive video interviews with Arun Gupta, Tim Berglund and Dan Hardiker over the next two weeks.

If you’re looking bigger, meatier interviews, our pre-conference Road to JAX talks with Doug Cutting and Martijn Verburg & Kirk Pepperdine are still a great read. And needless to say, our writeups of days one and two, as well as all five keynotes (Goertz, Cutting, Verburg & Pepperdine, Poole and Debois) are still online.

Photo taken by Anna Kent.

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