Coffee Break Question – Why Java and will you stick with it?

Chris Mayer

Why did you pick Java? Love the language? Community feel? Opportunities? Or the money? Tell us within…

Java User Group can always spark a fantastic debate, but we were intrigued by a question posed on the London Java Community mailing list, that takes us back to the very beginning of a developer’s career – Why Java?

Numerous questions arise when trying to get an early foothold on the career ladder, but often it’s not clear why developers decide to go for Java as their main language.

Is it the love of the language itself? The JVM? Wanted a challenge? Or perhaps its the wider Java community surrounding the language, who are certainly a motivated bunch? Job opportunities? Or was it the allure of more money?

So many questions and so little time. All these cropped up in the discussion thread, with some of the most prominent members of the group answering with some interesting answers, such as Martijn Verburg, Ben Evans and Trisha Gee all weighing in with reasons why they chose the language.

But we’re keen to push this debate on slightly and ask – Will you stick with Java?

There’s an array of more advanced languages out there, all looking to becoming as popular as Java and all of which with benefits above others. Are you happy with the way Java is heading as a language or are you disillusioned?

We’re keen to know your thoughts on why you picked to focus on Java, and whether you plan to stick with it through thick and thin. If not, why not and which language tickles your fancy?

Comment below and hopefully, we’ll get some debate going

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